Why Tops

You have a lot of choices about where you spend your dessert dollars. When making your decision here are a few things to consider:

Tops Yogurt has the largest selections of yogurt flavors and toppings in the greater Sacramento area. In fact, our shops have two to three times as many flavors as traditional yogurt shops. YOU WILL NEVER GET BORED!

We carry the best quality yogurt on the market. No one beats our combination of great taste and great nutritional values

We have premium quality products without the premium price -- now that’s VALUE

We take pride in running our business honestly. For example;

We wash every yogurt machine every night, as required by State regulations.

We accurately represent our products. If it is all natural, we will say so clearly. We will not use "marketing language" to attempt to trick you into believing a product is all natural when it is not.

We have nutritional information available that is easy to read and is not deceptive, (for example; using ridiculously small serving sizes to make the product seem lower in calories)

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